Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family First

At RBS, we understand the need to plan for the future and prepare yourself and your family against all unforeseen eventualities. Moreover, with increasing financial burdens and responsibilities such as, children’s school fee, utility bills, grocery and fuel expenses etc., you need to feel secure that your loved ones are always taken care of.

What is Family First?

RBS has tied up with NJI life, to bring to you Family First, an annual Insurance cover that helps you plan your family’s financial future and guarantees a steady stream of income to help maintain your family’s life style (incase of death).

What benefits does Family First provide?

  1. Hassle-free enrollment process
    No medical documents and cumbersome medical tests required.

  2. Immediate payout benefit up to PKR 1,000,000
    To comfort your family with any hardships that may arise we have added a feature to service their immediate cash needs in an event of an unfortunate tragedy.

  3. Guaranteed monthly stream of PKR 10,000 for 5 continuous years
    To help your family meet their monthly expenses such as school fee, utility bills, grocery and fuel expenses etc., a unique cover has been built in to provide them with a monthly expense management solution.

  4. Double coverage incase of an accidental death
    In an event of an accidental death the coverage will simply be doubled. This applies both to immediate and monthly disbursements.

  5. One time payment for full year coverage
    Escape through the hassle of monthly payments and get yourself enrolled by making a single payment.

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